Charles Woodland Showcase
Oct 2019

Always good and always ready

The Limestone coast is well recognised for its ability to produce generous and friendly wines.  The proximity to the sea has a valuable climate modifying effect that gives stability to the environment

Charles Woodland is the name of our virtual winemaker.  A wandering winemaker who brings a unique personality to wine that we draw from our surrounding district to meet this customer driven wine for the Tynans View portfolio.

From vintage to vintage the vigneron and wine makers enjoy selecting exciting wines that can demonstrate the breadth and versatility of wine from this region. .From easy drinking Chardonnay and full-flavored Cabernet sauvignon or quality Shiraz to the wonders of our favourite blends, Cabernet Merlot & Cabernet Shiraz. 

Charles woodland wines are sold in cases of 6 bottles. We regard them as great value for money wines, accessible and friendly and always ready to drink.

As with all our wines, drink to enjoy