Celebrating Tynan's View "The Old Man" Barossa Shiraz
Oct 2019

The Old Man Shiraz truly represents a watershed release for the Tynans View Premium Wine. Each vintage of this super premium, small-batch wine reflects the nuanced journeys each of us takes in life.

For the few discerning drinkers fortunate enough to behold it.   It is a testament to the six generations of winemakers that tilled this soil, nurtured these ageless vines, and learned well the fruit they continue to bear.

"...The Old Man Shiraz is more than just a bottle of wine. It is a well-earned heritage from a region unlike any other in the world."

Before a bottle of The Old Man Shiraz reaches maturity, its contents complete a remarkable journey. The grapes are handpicked from old growth vines. Ancient and gnarled as they might be, these vines yield a special fruit. It’s as if they’ve gained wisdom with their years; a tacit, natural understanding of just how much fruit to bear, an understanding of balance and its utter necessity.

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Each bottle holds a new experience and recalls the past. Each glass, a toast to all those who got us here.