Wine - The perfect gift this Christmas
Nov 2021

Every year it’s the same dilemma, what is the ‘right’ Christmas gift? Particularly when it’s for someone you don’t know that well, such as a work colleague, your boss or a neighbour. There is, however, a gift that is always well received and never goes out of style - wine.

 Why, you ask? When gifting wine you are giving much more than just a bottle, you are offering an experience that is even more enjoyable when it is shared with family and friends. Let me tell you our top 5 reasons why wine is the perfect gift this Christmas. Our range of wine includes Cabarnet franc, Barossa Shiraz, Single Vineyard Cabarnet Sauvignon and more.

1. A bottle of wine rarely sits on the shelf to collect dust

Christmas coincides with a calendar of celebrations, from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve, it’s the season of socialising and the pouring of many celebratory drinks. With this in mind, it is highly unlikely that your gift will spend too long in the wine cellar or on the shelf before being cracked open, poured and enjoyed.

2. Wine is designed to celebrate life’s most beautiful moments

Whether it's a birthday, first date, an anniversary, engagement or Christmas, a common theme on these special occasions is that our glasses are always full of love and wine. Designed to be shared with family and friends, a bottle of wine is often the mark of a special occasion.

3. Wine leaves a great impression

Selecting the right bottle of wine to give as a gift requires just as much thought as any other gift. Giving wines that are not available in a local bottle shop and getting to know the history and characteristics of the wine, will give you a fascinating story to tell when giving the present. The gift recipient will also know you have sought out something unique just for them and will leave a great impression.

4. Wine can be a gift for future enjoyment

Wine is a gift a recipient may save for a special occasion and in some cases - depending on the type and vintage of wine - it can deliver an even more enjoyable future drinking experience. Some wines can age for tens of years and will offer a truly memorable drinking experience.

5. Buying bulk is more economical and ticks the Christmas list off faster

Buying direct from the producer and in bulk will not only save you money but save you time, ticking the Christmas list off faster. Buying bulk will also allow you to put aside a few bottles for those last minute wine gift packs. And let’s not forget wine to accompany your Christmas lunch and other festivities, putting a few extra bottles aside can be a lifesaver! Buy Australian wine online, we have a range of premium Australian wines on sale.

To make life easier here are Tynan’s top picks this Christmas:

The Old Man Shiraz 2016

The Old Man is our divine tribute to the Barossa’s rich heritage. This luxurious wine offers a rich aromatic bouquet of spices and berry fruits with subtle hues of oak and is a wine to keep and enjoy progressively with time. Available as a single bottle in a beautiful gift box or a pack of 6.

A Taste of Tynan’s Bundle

Carefully curated by our vigneron, Ken Waldron, the A Taste of Tynan’s Bundle showcases some of our most loved wine varieties - making it the perfect introduction to the Tynan’s View collection. You could give the complete bundle or split it into six individual gifts.

A Taste of Tynan’s Wine and Chocolate Bundle

We have partnered with Curatorial: Chocolates to offer a curated Australian wine and chocolate experience to savour: our popular A Taste of Tynan’s premium bundle paired perfectly with a limited-edition chocolate gift box. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the wine and chocolate lover in your life.