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Iconic Wine from an Iconic Winemaker

Tynans View is a small vineyard amongst a crowd of large vineyards. Nestled at the southern most tip of the Padthaway GIS in Limestone Coast of South Australia, Tynans View must stand above the crowd and produce wines of difference and quality.


The plains of Padthaway produce wines of consistent quality and style. Although famously known as ‘Chardonnay country’, the region reliably produces excellent examples of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Even more so in recent years as the area has expanded its acreage under vine and chardonnay has become less fashionable amongst wine drinkers.

The gently undulating country of Padthaway is a well-recognised agricultural region settled in the early to mid-1800’s as a pastoral region.

The neighbouring region is the world famous Coonawarra district also a rich agricultural region but most famous for its reputation as a world class wine production region.

In the 1960’s the leading premier wine producing companies at that time  planted vines here to supplement the rising demand for premium quality Australian wines. For over 70 years now, vineyards from Padthaway have been producing premium quality fruit for red and white table wine and sparkling wine.

We do not aim to compete in the crowded commercial market place and so we distinguish ourselves by our difference, personality and quiet craftsman competency.


The success of Coonawarra led viticulturists to seek out similar ground. In the middle 1940’s Australian Research Scientists recommended the Padthaway region for horticulture due to its rich soil and underground water supply. Padthaway has climatic similarities to Coonawarra and a good slice of terra rossa, the famed soil of the Limestone Coast.

The climate is coined “Maritime” with coastal influences and is recognised as a cool climate area producing premium quality grapes and wine.

Regional Statistics

  • Heat degree days: 1610
  • Sunshine hours per day: 8.2
  • Annual rainfall: 530mm
  • Growing season rainfall: 180mm
  • Mean January temperature: 20.4°C
  • Harvest: Early March-to late May

Above the Crowd Wines